Here is an expertly-drawn and perfectly-fitting SVG file which will enable you to cut and assemble this elegant and impressive-looking advent calendar.

Made at the size it comes into Design Space, this SVG makes a double-sided advent calendar in book format which, when closed, measures 180mm wide, 235mm tall and 43mm deep. You can, of course, make it larger or smaller, as you wish. Made at this size, each cavity measures approximately 40mm x 40mm and 20mm deep. It is possible to make this calendar larger (using A3 paper) and, if you do, the cavities could measure up to 46mm x 46mm and 23mm deep.

To make the box at the intended size, there are different ways of cutting it: to cut it all from A3, you will need 6.5 sheets of A3; to cut the pockets from 12 x 12 and the rest from A3, you will need two sheets of 12 x 12 and four sheets of A3; to cut the main pieces from A3 and the pockets from A4, you will need four sheets of A3 and three A4s; to cut the whole calendar from 12 x 12 (which can be done with careful positioning of the base box on a 12 x 12 mat), you will need eight sheets of 12 x 12. Added to any of these, you will then need a piece of decorative vinyl or paper (depending on what you choose to use) for the front decorative pieces and the numbers which measures approximately 200mm square.

This is not a difficult project to cut or assemble but, as part of your download, you do get a PDF of comprehensive instructions with many photographs to help you. There is also a video on the Tanglecrafts Studio Facebook page to show you how to take the SVG through Design Space, if you need more help with that.

This SVG was designed for the Cricut Explore and Maker and tested in Design Space. The functionality of it in other systems and used with other machines cannot be attested to. Please do your research and do not buy the SVG if you're not sure it will work with your system and machine, as no refunds of digital files can be given.

The Standard Licence is included with the purchase of this file, which covers personal use, and small-scale use by sole traders and small businesses to package their OWN products, but not to sell packaging separately on its own, as a product. A copy of that licence will be included with your download. If you intend to manufacture empty packaging using this SVG in order to sell empty packaging on to third parties, you must purchase a Commercial Licence. This is the listing for it. Please support creativity and design copyright and purchase a licence if you know you should.