This is a digital file. No physical product will be sold.

This file contains 1 set of stacked pumpkins with leaf top layer and stands. The file come with slotted stands. One set of stands is measured for 1/8" material if you choose to cut the pumpkins in that thickness (.11-.125) and the other is measured for 1/4" material (.25-.26). You cannot adjust the size of the pumpkins that contain the stands. They will no longer fit into the slotted stands.

************I RECOMMEND CUTTING THE STANDS IN 1/4" material even if you cut the pumpkins in 1/8" material. Be sure to use the correct stands for whatever material you made the pumpkins with. The slots on the pumpkins are extra deep to account for the height of these pumpkins and they will be more sturdy if you cut the bases with 1/4" and layer them to make them thicker.

This file has been cut and tested on a GLOWFORGE Basic unit. Can be used on alternate types of lasers. You may use this file for small business or craft projects. You may not resell or exchange it with anyone. File can only be used by the purchaser. Please contact with any questions. All sales final, no exchanges or refunds on digital files. Your files will be available after purchase. Image subject to copyright. You are not allowed to use any part of these designs to recreate your file to resell as your own.
1 SVG files included.

Pumpkins stand almost 17" tall and 10.8" wide, and fit on a Glowforge Basic. These take 2 sheets of material depending on how you place items.

You are welcome to use my photos for marketing purposes.

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With so many new lasers on the market, I cannot provide settings as I do not want to provide incorrect settings that can damage your machine. Each Glowforge runs at different speeds and also operate differently for each material. I cannot trouble shoot hardware, I am not affiliated with any brand of laser. I can offer assistance with software related questions only relating to the file such as how to weld fonts in Silhouette.

I use spray paint with a primer and I choose to paint after cutting, You may choose to paint first and mask. That is your preference. I like Krylon paints from Lowes. Paint used in the photos are Krylon spray paint on top. Flat white on the top layer and the back layer is Dixie Belle Patina paints. I used iron and bronze with both the green and blue sprays to create the finish. I have a live tutorial in my Facebook group should you want to view how to create this look.

The 1/8" and 1/4" stands each have 2 stands for each pumpkin so you can double them up and layer them to add height. Again the slots of the pumpkins are extra deep, you may need a third layer if you are cutting the stands with 1/8" material.

1/8" MDF was used in entire project in photo. I purchased my MDF from GS2 Awards.

By purchasing this file you are granted commercial use. This license is only for the person who purchased the file and cannot be transferred. You may use this file for craft classes, and you may make as many physical items as you’d like. This file is sold AS IS. I cannot alter or personalize this file at this time. Should you want this in a different size, shape, design, that is up to you to make those changes. If you choose to make changes to the file, then you will need software and adjust as needed. You may not then resell the file or claim the newly designed piece as your own. This violates the terms of the license and will be revoked. I reserve the right to refuse a sale to those I find are a conflict of interest to me. For example: selling in the same local shops.

Have fun crafting and thank you for stopping by and supporting my small business 🙂